Free Speech Zone

is very excited to announce new hours and

we are now selling aerosol art supplies!


–  Montana Spray paint  –  Krink ink and markers 

–  On the Run markers –  Smash paint markers   

–  Pilot   –  Steel Blitz ball point paint markers 

–  Sakura solid paint markers – Molotow burners 

–  refillable drip mops and ink

–  buff paint too!



buy paints and use them right outside on our wall!


The 2011 SLINGSHOT planners have arrived!

Be the first to get yours here.


We also excited to offer several gorgeous

crocheted beanies and cloche style hats

from FLOOD clothing. Each is unique

and handmade in Portland.


Remember to support local shops and artists

when you do your holiday shopping.



Free Speech Zone is now open

Wednesday Thursday Friday & Saturday

11:00 am until 7:00 pm


Many radical gifts under $10 and $20


Free Speech Zone

411 s 800 e

Salt Lake City



On TRAX @ 900 east  / University line.



New local hand made Product!

upcycle bags

UPCYCLE! - Upcycle Grocery Bags – are hand made at the FREE SPEECH ZONE. AVAILABLE today for just $9. Each bag is unique, strong and beautiful. Give this gift of real value, a local product of high quality design and artistic value made of discarded new materials, preventing waste, reducing consumption, energy usage, air pollution and water pollution with lower greenhouse gas emissions. Fill the bag with Free Speech pins, books and cards.

upcycle bags start at  just $9

Many great and unique gifts under $10.

All locally made and fair traded

and environmentally friendly!


OPEN   11 am – 7 pm

Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Sat.

We have the stickers you have been asking for most like coexist.


See the new shipment of Posters;

And, Our new local custom product:

‘mushroom’ lighter lanyards!

(always know where you lighter is.)

We are on Public Trans:

On the TRAX

university line – 900 East stop.

Or use the 209 bus to 4th south.

411 South 800 East

Salt Lake City

(801) 487 – 2295

Revolution starts at home.



A progressive retail shop for the activist in you.

Featuring sweat-shop free, local Independent and Union Made Products for people power.

411 South 800 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84102
Wed, Thur, Fri & Sat
11 am to - 7pm

Free Speech Zone

Information for activists, radicals, rebels and rabble rousers.

Spray Paint, Re-fillable Markers, Hats, Clothes, Cards, Posters, Books, Videos, Stickers, Stencils, Radical press, underground publications and Information. Our Info Shop has a free internet line and lending library of donated books.


Free Speech Zone is proud to be a member of


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